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The Jingangding yujia zhong lüechu niansong jing (Sutra for Recitation Abridged from the Vajra/sekhara Yoga). 4 fasc. (T 866.18.233-253), abbr. Sutra abridged for Recitation 略出念诵经, 略出经, composed and tr. by Vajrabodhi 金刚智. A collection of translations and various practices from the Tattvasam!graha (T 882). Takahashi (1982) has also identified the Sarvavajrodaya (To.2516, P.3339) as the source for at least thirty passages, several of which are also found in the Vairocana-abhisam!bodhi (T 848). A six-fascicle version was discovered by Shu^jo^ Shiki^ in 1981, and a Japanese translation and study of this version has been published by the Kongo^cho^gyo^ Kenkyu^kai (1989-93). For an account of various traditions concerning this text, see the partially extant Chinese commentary by Amoghavajra 不空, Certain Meanings 金刚顶大瑜伽秘密心地法门义诀 (T 1798).

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